Xls formula not updating dating train station

Should not be used in production - only for specific development use. INFO ""); // open your file Workbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook(new File Input Stream("foobar.xls")); Formula Evaluator evaluator = Creation Helper().create Formula Evaluator(); // get your cell Cell cell = Sheet(0)Row(0)Cell(0); // just a dummy example // perform debug output for the next evaluate-call only Debug Evaluation Output For Next Eval(true); evaluator.evaluate Formula Cell(cell); evaluator.evaluate Formula Cell(cell); // no logging performed for this next evaluate-call The special Logger called "POI.Example use: // activate logging to console Property("org.util. Formula Eval" is used (useful if you use the Commons Logger and a detailed logging configuration).File Input Stream fis = new File Input Stream("c:/temp/test.xls"); Workbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook(fis); //or new XSSFWorkbook("c:/temp/test.xls") Sheet sheet = Sheet At(0); Formula Evaluator evaluator = Creation Helper().create Formula Evaluator(); // suppose your formula is in B3 Cell Reference cell Reference = new Cell Reference("B3"); Row row = Row(cell Row()); Cell cell = Cell(cell Col()); Cell Value cell Value = evaluator.evaluate(cell); switch (cell Cell Type()) Thus using the retrieved value (of type Formula Evaluator.

I had this problem with a specific spreadsheet, and it was fixed by saving as a copy in xls format, then opening the xls in libreoffice and saving as again.Multiple scatter plots [closed] Plotting histograms in calc?[closed] SUMIF() only first col of range is added [closed] Selecting / copying nth rows in Libre Office Calc how to populate a cell on one sheet from based on criteria on another sheet [closed] LO and OO calc crash when selecting cells What does Err:520 mean in a cell?Dear Support, Still having similar problem Version: is my case: B10= number, data for these formula C10= formula: =IF(IFERROR(B10,0),1,0) D10= formula: =SUM(C8: C12) E10= formula: =SUM(D8: D12) And those cells copied to B1: B20 The result: ONLY the col C that changed by input or edit the cell in col B.

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