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Who else could possibly slip while saying "Never let me slip"? And this is why you're the one making millions from music." If you're thinking this you're probably Kanye West. You can visualize exactly how hungry he is for cheese (aka money) by how many times he repeats the word "hungry." One more "hungry" and we're talking "I'll eat a buttered dollar bill at this point" hungry. New Year comes before Christmas, if you're planning a full calendar year ahead.

Once in awhile, you'll hear a rhyme that makes you chuckle, shake your head or bury your face in your palm. Let's just say that everyone in the studio at the time of the recording was so thoroughly captivated by Biggie's flow that they overlooked his shaky Spanglish on "The Ten Crack Commandments." I think Timbaland is trying to educate us on the distinction between sleeping with your eyes closed and sleeping with your eyes partially or fully open, which is a real medical condition known as nocturnal lagophthalmos. Dre is one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. He achieved these great feats with a song titled "This Is Why I'm Hot," yet he could never effectively explain why he's hot and I'm not. Saying "I'm reminding people that if you're a black person or a person of color for that matter in this country, you have to be accurate" makes no damn sense. Manny is basically a 14-year-old stalker in the making, and if CBS’s new procedural, Stalker, survives a few more years, there’s some definite crossover potential here. She’s exactly the kind of child two image-conscious pushovers with absolutely no boundaries would raise.

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