Who was rob pattinson dating before kristen

Nevertheless, the Stewart who spoke to was much more open than the one the public saw while she was with Pattinson.“I would never talk about any of my relationships before, but once I started dating girls it seemed like there was an opportunity to represent something really positive,” Stewart explained about her new perspective on discussing private matters., a completely reinvented Kristen Stewart spoke candidly about her very public relationship with Robert Pattinson.The actress doesn’t typically directly address questions about her superstar ex and their famous relationship, so hearing her talk about him now after a little time and life perspective is really fascinating.

And while Stewart has always been incredibly honest about many elements of her personal life, she admitted that her approach to public relationships completely changed after she began dating women. “That was my mother giving birth,” Pattinson said, no longer able to keep a straight face.Dental issues“New Moon” is only the second of four planned “Twilight” films: A third installment has already been completed and is set for release in June 2010.“It wasn’t real life anymore.”She went on to say that that the media attention was “gross” to her.”I don’t want to become a part of a story for entertainment value,” Stewart added.

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