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Also, the massive success of Me talking about Chris Kraus talking about Kathy Acker talking about Bernadette Mayer is like Camille Paglia talking about Susan Sontag talking about Simone Weil talking about Jesus Christ—it's not a comparison that I find particularly favorable to me. Kraus and I have never met and never spoken and yet it's clear that we both care deeply about the parasocial and we're both willing to take an excess of liberties about it.We force ourselves into one-sided relationships will people a few rungs above us, the heroes about which we are uneasily ambivalent, in ways that allow us to become the other person or sometimes even self-fulfill into a real, lived connection after we fantabulized it on the page.In the face of the increasingly backstabbing behavior of her "friends," Lauren pluckily kept trying to "make it," like Mary Tyler Moore. While The Hills never incorporated the cast's growing celebrity and cloying bids for tabloid attention, everyone knew what was going on.Lauren and her roommate Heidi Montag fell out over Heidi's creepy boyfriend and eventual husband Spencer Pratt.On The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending, interviewers asked Kristin and Brody about their goodbye.Brody said the ending was supposed to make you question "what's real and what's fake," and Kristin concurred, "Yeah, we leave it open to your interpretation." However, Lauren Conrad insisted she was more real: "When you choose to share your life with an audience, you should share it all." Likewise invested in the show's truths, the interviewers just wanted to know if Kristin and Brody might date again in the future.She seemed open, resourceful, and sweet-natured, even in the face of a brutal fame machine.Her fellow ingénues became trendy LA nightclub fixtures, circling the drain of Paris Hilton's world. Taking her brand to fashion lines and novels (New York Times bestsellers, loosely based on her experiences), she ceded the reality field to a seemingly infinite number of Kardashians and lesser Kardashians (that means you, Brody Jenner).

Lauren was the breakout star, apparently experiencing at least a few of the feelings she shared with the audience.As they said goodbye, the camera panned to reveal they were standing on a studio lot with a backdrop. This much is made clear in the three specials MTV conjured to accompany the finale.The after-show, behind-the-scenes special, and retrospective all purport to reveal how the participants really felt about their experiences, even if the experience was lightly scripted.Viewers lost interest, ratings plummeted, and the show was canceled.While some critics argued that viewers left because the appealing heroine Lauren did, I think the problem was increased scripting and staginess.

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