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But within days of landing, after several of his regiment's officers had been killed, he was put in command of a troop of Cromwell tanks.Bellamy pushed them forward, amid regular close combat with German forces, through Belgium, Holland and Germany, and eventually into the heart of Berlin.On 5 March 1945 he received the Military Cross, presented personally by Field Marshal Montgomery, for his bravery during the battle for the hamlet of Doornhoek, near St. Under heavy German machine-gun, mortar and shell fire, and in a minefield, Bellamy got his burning tank and crew to safety before overrunning enemy positions to allow infantrymen to push through.Only three days after receiving the MC, Bellamy learnt that his mother, who lived in west London but was assisting the war effort by helping to get supplies to the troops from Smithfield meat market on Charterhouse Street, had been among 100 people killed by one of the last Nazi V-2 rockets to land in the capital.After the two men stared at each other in shock for several seconds, the German ran from the church and back to his lines.Once in liberated Berlin, Bellamy wrote of the "chilled" relations with Russian forces, a precursor to the Cold War.So close were the two sides in battle that, as a devout catholic, he went into a church on Christmas Day 1944 to pray alone.As it turned out, a young German soldier had had the same idea.

After training as an officer cadet at Sandhurst from 1942-43, he joined the 8th Royal Irish Hussars in the hope of fighting close to his father, who was involved in the North Africa campaign.Entertainment Studios has over two dozen shows on the air, but they have all been non-fiction or reality programs until now.The other sitcom is , which announced its cast in late March.After he was invalided out of the army in 1955, Bellamy became a successful businessman in the Northampton area, a director of the footwear manufacturer Phipps and Son and, after a merger, a board member of Chamberlain Phipps.In 1983 he retired to Great Brington, close to the Spencer family home at Althorp, dedicating his time and energy to local groups and charities, including the church and parish council.

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Lionel Gale Bellamy was born on 1 December 1923 in Northampton, and attended Hawthorn Community Primary School in Kettering, then Blackfriars (Dominican) boarding school in nearby Laxton.

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