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Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a photo that shows he he had done the same thing.

A Toronto woman was photographed watching Netflix by a hacker who commandeered the webcam on her laptop.

A real DOVE story Today as I was watching the pink house and the sea ….

A dove flew and sat on top of the red LIVE sign in bottom right.

Audrey, Ryan, carol, Gwynn, Denise (welcome) and everyone -- We should all be having coffee at the café this morning :) Denise, there is a wonderful, old rock song using your name. I am about 40 miles south, so we don't always have what's going on in DC. Of course, we are already into everything Christmas.

Also, snow boarding sounds fun, but I'd rather spend time staying warm inside.carol -- I still have ironing now and again, but not much. As a young girl, my mother had us ironing everything! I don't mind that people want to start early -- I think it makes them happy, and heaven knows, we can all use more of that!

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After it flew off I noticed a small part of railing in front of cam building above the red LIVE sign,,that I never noticed before……………. I feel like an explorer ….a bit like Christopher Colombus from Genoa .. Aahh Hi ladies, I have to say I love ironing (I'm an odd ball) from being very young when I was allowed to iron handkerchiefs - and of course that's what I started my granddaughter off with, creatures of habit or what!

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