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If the interpolated values of the first two arguments match, the test succeeds.An an example, consider the following two tests: ok('good','good', 'its all good'); # this test passes because the first two # arguments return the same values.Subsequent calls to the same function reuse that coderef, so go much faster.The break-even point for using this trick seems to be around 20 sub calls.Next we need to confirm that our order document contains a "customer" element, and that the "customer" element contains a "shipping_info" element.

We now know that the current document is invalid, and we also know why.(And more than six times as fast as Params:: Validate's pure Perl backend.) Don't believe me? In fact, Type:: Params is so fast, and building up constraints is so simple, that you might find yourself wanting to make your validation more brutal, just because you can!Let's make sure that all the values in the hashref are really numbers; and that all the elements of the arrayref are strings: OK, so this is slower than our earlier parameter check, but not unacceptably slow; and still faster than the less strict Params:: Validate check. Super optimized assembly language programming linked to via XS? It's fast because the first time you call to create a custom validation coderef for your sub.The goal here has been to spark your imagination, to get you to experiment, and, hopefully, to point to the ability of Perl and its modules to make even the more complex XML tasks, like validation, easy to solve.OK, so I've gotten back from the May Day parade, had some lunch, and now it's time for me to write about Type:: Tiny some more...

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The handful of tests that we currently have clearly would not be sufficient validation for a production environment, but with these few examples, you hopefully have a clear view of the basics and could extend the test script to handle nearly any case.

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