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Extracting the DVD Drive Configuring Jungle Flasher Connecting the Drive to Your Computer Flashing the Drive Community Q&A Want to play burned games on your Xbox 360?In order to play backups, you will need to flash your Xbox 360's DVD drive so that it is running custom firmware.After announcing the feature earlier this month, Microsoft today is releasing a Xbox 360 system update that allows the console to see and access external hard drives up to 2TB in size.This is a significant improvement over the previous limit of 32GB and allows gamers to store more of their media, saved games, and the increasing library of download-only free Games with Gold titles.With Xbox Live, when you sign in using your Gamertag, you are automatically notified of any new updates. How do you update your Xbox 360 without an Internet connection or a very slow Internet connection?There are two ways to do this: either copy the update to a USB flash drive or download the update to your computer and then update your Xbox 360 console.However, some gamers are upset that Microsoft is removing this seemingly arbitrary external storage limit only after the console has been superseded by the Xbox One.One caveat of the update is that gamers already using external hard drives larger than 32GB with their consoles will need to reformat the entire drive to gain access to the additional storage capacity.

You can then burn a disc and give it to a friend or burn a disc at the office and apply the update at home, etc.Once downloaded, go ahead and extract out the zip archive to the root of your USB flash drive. When you see the Xbox Dashboard, that means the update has been completed! The second way is to simply download the update from the website and then burn the update onto a disc.Now all you have to do is take the USB stick over to your Xbox console, plug it in and then turn on the console. Then just pop the disc into your Xbox console and the update will start automatically. I thought the 360 was supposed to be backwards compatible. The Xbox 360 is a powerful machine, but to be able to play Xbox 1 games it needs software emulators for each individual title.You'll also need to download and install an update to your 360. Insert an original Xbox game into the 360's disc drive, close it, and the update should begin automatically. To download the update yourself, visit this Xbox support page. Simply unzip the downloaded file, burn it onto a blank CD or DVD (it must be the only file on the disc), and insert it into your 360.

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