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Japan has always had a strong cultural aversion to "night soil".

The caste historically responsible for removal and treatment of human waste, the Barakumin, are still widely shuned in Japan even though the caste system was legally abolished in 1871.

Crapper started his decorative fixture company in England in 1861. Crapper is wrongly credited by many as the inventor of the flushing toilet. He sold toilets featuring an advanced siphon design invented in 1898 by one of his employees, Albert Giblin.

The design has been around for a long time, and has worked well for well over a century and a half.Want to find out if junior is smoking cigarettes, or if grandpa has been at the candy again, buy one of these tattle-tale toilets.he can, the throne, the head, the john, the privy, the WC, the crapper, the lav, the loo, the potty, the commode, the oval office — whatever your favorite euphemism, what you mean is, plain and simply, the toilet.By 1917 the Crapper name was emblazoned on so many of them that American Doughboys passing through Britain on their way to the Western Front during the first world war wrongly concluded that "crapper" was the official name of the device.The porcelain enamel toilet was such a huge improvement over earlier wood and copper models, that other toilets were driven from the marketplace by the last decade of the 19th century.

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Two-piece have a separate tank and bowl bolted together.

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