Updating mutiple links in excel

Instead of pasting a reference to cell B2, the Paste Special command pastes the formula that’s in cell B2 (green highlighting below).Because the pasted formula has a relative reference, the results in row 6 aren’t correct.Excel normally doesn't allow multiple users to edit the same workbook, but you can get around this restriction using a shared workbook.

Excel Paste Special works well with values, and you can also use it to paste and modify formulas.In the worksheet shown below, the formulas in row 6 calculate an adjusted rate.A new factor — Discount — has been added to the workbook, and it needs to be included in the adjusted rates.Click "File," "Share" and then select a method for sharing.Click "Invite People" to send a link to other users via email.

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To solve the problem, you can create a temporary formula, in cell D2, with an absolute reference to cell B2, and use that for the Paste Special.

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