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Surely mykids didn’t learn anything in that din, but I loved them, and they were well cared for.

When my son turned 5 and entered kindergarten, I got a job at a typical preschool.

Like a Disney villain, as soon as she was alone in her classroom with the kids, her voice changed from a high chirp to a bark.

It comprised multiple rotating bronze cogs and gears assembled inside a self-contained box, and even came with instructions embossed onto a plaque mounted inside the wooden lid.My time as a preschool teacher has taught me this: Parents cannot rely on preschools themselves, or the state and local laws that regulate the schools, to ensure their children are being treated well.Even at well-run preschools, I’ve seen teachers behave in subtly persistent or outright cruel and, at times, physically harmful ways.The Antikythera mechanism tends to put Babbage in his place, preceding him by a couple of millennia.And unlike Babbage, the ancient Greeks actually went ahead and built the bloody thing.

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