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A pair of historically black colleges and universities will also continue to benefit from EMCC's talent depth with defensive lineman Rodney Jackson (Bastrop, LA) joining former Lion linebacker De'Arius Christmas at reigning HBCU National Champion Grambling State.

In addition, offensive lineman Marquez Griffin (Leake Central HS) signed with fellow Southwestern Athletic Conference member Prairie View A&M.

The Idaho Vandals ventured to the Scooba campus to secure D. Henderson (Clinton) as a teammate alongside SBC Newcomer of the Year and former Lion defender Aikeem Coleman.

Badger flatlined twice, and the doctors told his mom not to resuscitate him if it happened again.

He had said nothing in his own defense in the entire six days of the trial, which in St.

Charles County, Missouri, was the trial of the century.

But the most astonishing part of all is the life the son turned out to live. He had fevers, a swollen liver, chronic ear infections, fungus growing under his fingernails. When he'd been stronger, he had walked the halls of St.

Louis Children's Hospital wearing a sign around his neck with the words BIDS FOR and a huge red pair of lips, trying to coax the nurses to kiss him on the cheek.

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