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If you can handle that, you will find yourself in ...hands.

Relationship issues can impact every aspect of your life.

This can be said about any profession, especially those that are physically demanding.

If you want to date a massage therapist, be prepared for a chaotic schedule.

Doctor explores all possiblities and is quite enthused to have the opportunity to use her "Attractivity Machine" to measure how desirable or undesirable Scottish Girl is to the Human Male.

No movie is complete without movies or some strange interruptions.

In a profession that struggles to gain credibility in society, people don't need to be hearing that I get special massages at home whether I pay for them or not.

In all seriousness, it is not easy dating a massage therapist.

On Monday 20 November, between - GMT, we’ll be making some site updates.I brag about them to try and be positive, although something tells me that Krista couldn't care less about ripped forearms. It's easy to plan around my 9-5 job, but it proves quite difficult to catch a movie around her home and clinic clients...forget a last minute weekend getaway.We make it work using google calendar and day planners. We sit down every month or two to plan out activities we can do together.In responding to her questions, I not only filled in the blanks for myself, but also shared parts of my past to ultimately get much more awareness about myself and my anxieties than simply texting friends and family would have done.The challenge: to post a blog for 31 days in a row. " I tend to agree with them, I am a pretty lucky guy in terms of who I am currently dating, but it's not at all because she is a massage therapist.

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It's not easy learning about another client of hers who died today.

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