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Kids at all ages have a sexual drive and curiosity—from “playing doctor,” to wanting to come into the bathroom with Mommy or Daddy.

Teenagers, with their stronger sexual urges, will of course want to explore sexuality in far more advanced ways. So, how do we reconcile our normal and healthy drives with the massive amount of sexually provocative material that is amply available online?

Similarly, even the adult Internet sites with “regular people” are, by definition, depicting regular sexual activity.

That’s because they’re performing on-camera, or worse, because they’re being unknowingly filmed.

This is in many cases exploitative, and you can stress to your teen that sexual activity never goes well when one person exploits another.

You can then decide with your teen how much you want to limit access to the computer.

It’s like reality TV; no one really believes that reality TV isn’t to some extent scripted.

Nevertheless, I’d estimate that not a week goes by that I don’t hear about someone who is understandably worried about his or her child’s interest in, or apparent exploration of, Internet pornography.

This has become a central issue in child development.

There’s no longer a need to sneak into a nudist colony—you just have to search your computer.

Discussing the multitude of sexually provocative images and movies that are readily available on the Internet is, to say the least, difficult.

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