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Nothing will make it OK, but if others are rallying around it, I mean, thank you.

Thank you very much.” Among the throng of #notokay tweets, a Kansas City-area woman shared her story on Oct. “Family friend tells me ‘You shouldn’t LET me do this’ as he put his hand down my pants. Made me think it was my fault.” The impact isn’t just felt on social media. “People are talking about this issue and realize we have a role in changing the narrative.” For Andrea, a 32-year-old who lives in mid-Missouri, the narrative was about blame.

Experiences like these — shared by men and women in a survey conducted this week by The Star — tell a pervasive story of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The nearly 300 responses show that inappropriate sexual behavior exists in the workplace, on college campuses, in bars, inside homes, between friends and acquaintances.

Brenda admitted to having a fling also and Dylan and Kelly continued their relationship.

Dylan and Kelly went out on a date and while there ran into Brenda on her date.

The two girls later told Dylan that he would have to choose. Following Donna and David's wedding in 2000, Dylan and Kelly are together and eventually have a son, Sammy (Riley Thomas Stewart).

Kelly would also meet her professional ambitions, leaving the fashion business behind and pursuing a Master's Degree in psychology en route to beginning her career as a guidance counselor, while Kelly, Dylan, and Sammy continued their life together.

She was 12, sitting in a dark auditorium, when a boy sitting next to her started rubbing her thigh without consent.Many said they never told anyone for fear they would be shamed or doubted.In June, a woman who was sexually assaulted at Stanford University published a gut-wrenching letter about her experience.Seeing Dylan and Kelly together made Brenda feel angry and betrayed.Dylan and Kelly later told Brenda that it was her that Dylan had a fling with.

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Responding to a challenge from a Canadian author, women and men wrote about their “first assaults” on Twitter under #notokay.

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