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As i haven't worked on it ever before so i need suggestions from the people who know what i am talking about.

Scientists using data from the recently-Moon-smacked Kaguya spacecraft have found evidence of radioactive elements on the lunar surface, including, for the first time, uranium! Also, dense materials tend to sink and lighter ones float in a liquid, and we know the Moon was once entirely molten.

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But what this does do is give us more clues into the birth, history, and evolution of the Moon; how it’s changed since it formed over 4 billion years ago.

We’re pretty sure the Moon formed when a Mars-sized object slammed into the Earth, and the ejecta coalesced into our satellite. This is another step in understanding the Moon, and one day it’ll be the home for a lot of people.

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For that i searched out and find out Program O that uses AIML , PHP , MYsql for implementing the chatbot.

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