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I have finally tracked down a bug that I've been working on for the entire weekend, however I don't see a way to really solve it - in a clean way, that is.The situation is that I have a DGV control that is bound to a List of business objects.You should then be able to use the delete code you posted earlier.Poitasal Hi, In the Row Validating event the row has not been added to the dataset yet.I handle the Row Validating event and do one final validation on the row as a whole to ensure everything is cool.

How can I get dgd Applications_Mouse Click to execute? So, evidence seems to sugest that Row Validating executes first - that seems to be confirmed in this: Grid View-Event-Sequences‌​.

Poitasal As part of my validation process I need to catch Data Rows that do not satisfy the constraints imposed upon the Data Table they are being stored in.

If they do not satisfy the constraints they cannot be added to the Data Set and therefore I will not be able to delete them in the Row Validated event.

dgd Applications is set for Full Row Select and validation (Causes Vailidation = true).

dgd Eligible Files contains a list of files & file info, and a checkbox column - if a row is checked, the file it represents is "assigned" to the selected row in dgd Applications (a row/application in dgd Applications may have many files assigned to it). If "Yes", I want to proceed with dgd Applications_Mouse Click on the new row, which will do the following: clear the checkboxes in dgd Eligible Files, retrieve the list of files for the newly selected app in dgd Applications, and update checked/selected values in the underlying list bound to dgd Eligible Files (followed by dgd Eligible Files. My problem: When the messagebox is displayed in dgd Applications.

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