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His agent encouraged him to find similar high-profile roles, but Pattinson opted for a part on stage, taking the lead in a Royal Court production of The Woman Before.The man he played was supposed to be troubled, so Pattinson decided he would 'do something really weird’.Today, at just 23, he sits atop a film franchise that is expected to make in excess of £1.3 billion by the time it ends.He has already filmed the third in the series, Eclipse, and will shoot the fourth and final chapter, Breaking Dawn, at the end of the year.

Shortly after landing the part, he admitted that he’d taken Valium in order to get through the Twilight audition.Recently, Pattinson’s life story was retold in a documentary, Robsessed, featuring interviews with friends, former teachers and 'super-fans’. And the Robert Pattinson fever is not being fed by teenage girls alone; it’s their mothers, too.Middle-aged, middle-class fans have even formed their own splinter group of 'Twilight Moms’, who claim the books and films have helped improve their sex lives and whose motivation is summed up by member Nora Kindley, speaking in New York magazine: 'When I look at Robert, I feel like I am 8, 14 and 31, my actual age, all at the same time.’ Stephenie Meyer – herself a middle-class, middle-aged mother – imagined Edward Cullen as 'the most beautiful creature who has ever been born’, an impeccably mannered, almost impossible-to-realise cross between Adonis and a Jane Austen heart-throb.But his over-acting didn’t go down well and he was fired shortly before opening night.He then went 'nuts’ and considered giving up acting altogether.

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It was an opportunity to surrender a bit of what was mine, to make even one other person feel good about themselves.” Stewart elaborated that she tried to keep her romance with the British actor, 30, private, but the constant media attention made that difficult.

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