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According to Psychology Today, teens can learn the importance of respect by keeping the relationship within the proper limits and making sure both individuals feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Maintaining appropriate physical contact, respecting each other's individuality, allowing a dating partner to have other friendships and being accountable for dating behavior can help teens develop honor and respect within the relationship.

This is important because it can affect the victim's self-esteem.

It is important that we understand that abusers are not going to change without treatment, and there should be effective public health strategies in place to help victims as well as abusers resume a normal life.

It can give a false impression that one is interested in them, and that it is a sign of taking things ahead.

Tell her that they she should make friends only if she likes a certain person, and ignore the whole thing about being free.

According to the website, Only My Health, parents can set curfews for date nights, encourage their child to go on double dates or group dates to avoid too much one-on-one time and discuss ways to control passionate desires.

Parents can also make sure they're home when the dating couple is at the house.

A teen girl can learn to express gratitude, appreciate her boyfriend's goals and be considerate of his other responsibilities such as family time, school assignments, work or extracurricular activities.

The dating experience can help teenagers shift part of their thinking away from themselves and toward the other person.

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