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However, if you’re more laid-back about the fact that everybody poops, go for it. I grew up with two older brothers, for God’s sake—I’ve heard some R-rated stuff.

Typically, potty humor is pretty much embedded in the DNA of a guy, so if he talks about pooping in front of you, maybe he won’t mind you returning the favor. Before you decide that you are going to poop at his place, you could have a sit-down conversation.

If he makes you comfortable about it, then why not go for it?

You’re actually not uptight about that crap (pun intended).

Magazines and our mothers advise us to marry a man who is our best friend, and while that’s generally a good practice, I wonder if by dating your best friend, you get to skip out on normally awkward or embarrassing situations.

Certainly, a boyfriend who’s also your best friend would understand that when you have to go, you have to go.

They enjoy the rest of the appetizers without interruption, but he has to go back again during the entrees. During dessert, our hero feels another rumbling, but doesn’t want to look like a complete bathroom freak, so he holds it.

When you’re dating someone who makes you feel comfortable, everything should become easier.

Friday night, this guy goes out with all of his buddies, and drinks like Prohibition is coming back.

Saturday, he is in such bad shape that he can’t make it through twenty minutes without either puking or shitting.

In the beginning of a new relationship, women fear one thing above all else: having to poop when with the guys we’re seeing.

Do you stick it out until you can reach your own bathroom? There’s no right answer to the question, but there are a few signs that it might be okay to drop the kids off at the pool at your guy’s house: You Started Out As Friends.

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