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the teenage males are essentially kicked out of the clan before they become a threat to claim wives away from the adult males.

(And yes, I realize that this group is different from the more mainstream Mormons whom I respect.) On another note, there are cultures (not necessarily Westernized) in which the women are the ones that "hunt" while the men take care of home.

I probably need to do more research before making a final decision...

but at this point, I would support the ideal of legalizing civil unions for plural relationships but not marriage.

They're just afraid God or their husband will backhand them if they don't cooperate.

I'm with Cattknap, just forgo marriage if you want to play that game.

At this point, I don't support legalizing plural marriage for the same reasons some people use to condemn the idea of gay marriage (which, ironically, I do support. Finding multiple people attractive may be natural but one has a choice about whether to follow up on that attraction. I am not certain if it is a healthy environment for children to grow up in. Unlike those who refer to the Bible to back up their disavowment of gay relationships, I don't agree with the interpretation of Christianity that validates polygamy.

Unfortunately for them, the vast majority of online dating services don’t offer any options for polygamists, so he decided to create “Ayo Poligami” – which translated as “Let’s Do Polygamy – a new smartphone app that caters specifically to their needs.

In my book self control and being faithful are two aspects of being a real man or woman.

From the little bit I understand about it, most women in those relationships are not terribly happy about sharing.

The individuals involved can work out legal arrangements for themselves; no need to complicate the government with all of that.

Tone - "fundamentalist LDS sects" - there is nothing LDS about them - any member caught practicing polygamy is excommunicated..they are no longer LDS - they may be former LDS members, but I really don't like seeing polygamists being referred to as LDS - gives an incorrect they are simply polygamists, period.

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