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Finally it is our hope that we can all enjoy a healthy and happy life in a country that we can be proud and pleased of.And when things are not the way we want them to be we hope that we will find together the determination to challenge the staus quo.We forget our lessons learned, our real problems in the field and we make new endeavours only so that the 5-year plan would look good on paper.Forest surface is growing on paper, although in reality they are critically underfinanced and we do not foresee any modification for the period between 20.Oana are 5 ani experiență de voluntariat în AIESEC România și 2 ani de experiență internațională în diviziile de marketing și vânzări ale HP în Franța și Elveția.

For example, now in 2014, after a period of 7 years when we were able to test various methods of allocation and implementation of European funding, while monitoring their impact on economy, environment and society as well, we keep acting as if we have discovered something new.If we use democracy as benchmark and measure problems by citizen involvement, then the argument of „being a new problem” could have been used until 2007, when Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for the film which was able to boost the environment topic in the middle of social debates, thus activating millions of people in this direction.Yet, in 2014, after decades of debates, laws and effects experienced by the entire society, each time we talk about environment it seems like we bring into discussion a totally new topic, unknow, slightly mystic even.Whether in the form of ideas, projects, initiatives, or campaigns, Romania brings to you over 15.000 positive examples of exceptional people and organizations that have made an impact through: educational outreach programs protecting nature and the environment; achieving business success while at the same time investing in the local community through social responsibility programs, developing social business models or implementing responsible turism.We hope that these articles will inspire you, will provide you with examples and information, and will motivate you to take action and involve at a personal or organizational level, for you, your clients, beneficiaries or communities you are interacting with, hence for Romania.

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A lot has happened since with many of the strong actors in the field.

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