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Membership normally costs .99/month (/year) for one camera, .99/month (9/year) for 2-3 cameras, and .98/month (8/year) for 4 cameras.However, there's now a promo code that cuts those prices in half.We have also introduced a faster Watch Live experience that can now be enabled while Canary devices are set to Away or Home mode.Our goal with these changes was to maintain a highly-competitive free service option while enabling continuous innovation and new feature development for all users." Although Troutman doesn't say it, we can also probably assume the company realized it needs more people to sign up for its memberships because it needs to make money.Canary says those 10 seconds will start whenever it determines there to be the most action, however. Other companies, like Logitech, offer free 24-hour video storage along with motion detection and night vision.Cameras from Nest, on the other hand, don't offer any free storage and are really only good for live viewing. The company offers a service called Nest Aware for a month or 0 a year that gives users access to their video history for either 10 or 30 days.Hey @canary @canarysupport why are you bait and switching up on customers?You offer a product under the premise of free service then renege?

Submit your application through our new user-friendly online web form or download the candidate handbook and email it to [email protected] Continue Do you require guided instruction in your studies?I find that the free plan suits me with its 24 hours of recorded motion clips and unlimited bookmarks and downloads, but if I were to travel or get more cameras like that spiffy new Flex, I'd surely need the Membership plan.With Membership, users get 30-day video history, incident support with an agent ready to help you navigate the aftermath of a theft, reimbursements up to 00 on their insurance deductible for certain incidents, and an extended 2-year warranty on the hardware.People will also be notified if there's motion in their house.However, if they miss that alert, they'll only be able to see the 10 seconds after the commotion started.

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So while Canary isn't the worst as far as features offered, it also isn't the best, and taking features away is never something users appreciate.

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