Nick rhodes is dating a fan

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Le Bon, you see, is no John Travolta when it comes to physiques.

Inside the hall, as a full house of 11,500 teens and preteens waited for their heroes, four young boys on the main floor were basking in their own few minutes of celebrity.

Immaculately decked out as Duran Duran carbon copies, the boys signed autographs and posed for pictures with the Durannies, as the band's fans have come to be called in England. " After all, if you can't have the real thing.... At times, the audience created such a din that even if one could hear the band's music, it was impossible to concentrate on it.

Later Tuesday, the group announced that they had been "forced to cancel the remaining shows" on the tour's North American leg, the conclusion of the band's world tour.

Duran Duran, Snow Patrol Kick Off Olympic Concerts "Rhodes, who has been unwell now for over a week, was advised by doctors today that he is not yet ready to perform," a message reads on the band's website.

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