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The lower image (MINERAL KING) is a view looking in the opposite direction, north toward Timber Gap which is at an elevation of 9,511 feet.Timbers from that area were used for shoring in the famous, now abandon, Empire Mine located in the upper right of the image.Bearskin Patch, a nearly year-round snow field is seen on the upper western slope of Vandever.Farewell Gap was the path taken in 1862 by Harry Parole when he "discovered" the Mineral King valley .Your only “requirement” is to provide them with your love and support.Many couples today, both gay and straight, foot the bill themselves.And why are you the one who wrote to ask me this and not your son? Carolyn Hax: Giving friend a mulligan for email outburst Dear Abby: We are all familiar with the rules of who pays for what in a wedding.

The Mineral King webcam image is taken from Potato Patch Ridge at an elevation of 7,830 feet.

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The data service that allows you to surf the internet, read your e-mails and visit your social network accounts (ie Facebook, Twitter) from your mobile device and with no commitment.

This webcam is located 3.7 miles from Farewell Gap at an elevation of 7,830 feet.

The Crowley Family is greatfully acknowledged for hosting this webcam.

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He has a 17-year-old son and has never been married.

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