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The sun is nice for a while but if you need to work in it to survive, its not quite so attractive. Assuming you have cleared up any mess and tied up loose ends in your own country you are almost ready to move.

If you are one of those who like everything done straight away then Spain is not for you. Maybe you have a home to go to in Spain, maybe you want to find one when you get there.

The other half argue it’s nice that you heard the news from the horse’s mouth.

Step #1 Making the decision If you want to settle in Spain either long or short term then you have to have drive, determination and patience.

The hot weather may be a major attraction to you - don't move for this reason alone.

They may not be in a romantic relationship, but it is emphasized in such a way that if they were, you'd assume it'd look this way.

In the Western world, this was far more common up until the late 1800s, and applied to both men and women, even into adulthood.

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