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You will be picking the character, class, and more from the story mode.This bishouji-style game is a visual novel that will keep you busy for a long time.You are going to start Frozen Essence with bodyguards protecting your character, but this protection will vanish with time.You must choose what your rate will be, love, tragedy, or do you want to go with both?You will have to help get the perfect husband by doing many mini games, and more.If you are a fan of humor, dating or anime, then you won’t want to miss playing this.The options are yours, there are four guys which Mina’s can consider for boyfriends.In case you wasn’t able to tell from the name of the game, it is based partly on the Law & Order show.

Well, this is all about being dumped, and you play as Michi who is unpopular, isn’t very smart and doesn’t have many looks.

If you are looking for a way to go on dates, but don’t have time to really do it, then My Candy Love lets you get your practice in You will be the center of attention in this semi-scripted dating game that is going to have a high school environment, and you get to have all this fun right in your room!

The main focus of Other Age is a Princess who wants to meet the one guy for her, that she can call her own for life.

It is based on the Yamaku High School which is a fake place.

It’s for disabled children, and lets you interact with the various students and gives you many options to keep having fun for a long time to come.

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