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It would have been better to pay for a week for a company that answers the phone. Being somewhat tired from a long flight, we agreed. Upon conclusion of our vacation we brought the car back and notified the attendant of the following problems. The second attendant said we did not have to worry for I had purchased the additional insurance.

My friend, Tim King, used the Details Matter app to take 30 different girls on 30 different dates a few months ago. He wrote that not only did he get a lot of life packed into just a few weeks, but he learned about amazing experiences right here in San Diego.

Leave a comment here, send an email to [email protected] or use social media hashtag #30datesin30days on: All of the above works, too!

Details Matter is looking for enthusiasm and compelling cases. Are we offering a particular date you’ve been dying to go on? Shout it from the rooftops on social media as much as you like or flood my email. We’re watching the hashtag #30datesin30days like hawks.

We ended up getting the collision insurance as it included the spousal driver and the insurance so I was lied to by someone.

While driving on the freeway something became noticeably wrong with the tires.

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