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We were able to catch up with Rachel Rushing, exhibition organizer and Sunset Art Studios co-founder, to learn more about this exhibition and what it hopes to accomplish.

The show is located at 1811 Balboa Place, in the heart of Oak Cliff’s Elmwood Neighborhood, and lasts through the weekend.

Also mixing thrash and crossover elements made famous by legendary bands such as Slayer, Exodus and Destruction.

Today marks the 104th anniversary of the 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade on Washington.

It bites that it’s taking longer and making it harder to get home after work or even get around town during these hours.

“The feedback we are hearing is substantially positive.

We want to meet people where they are instead of making them come to us.

And if we think about art as expression, that’s really what this show is about, for me.

RR: I saw, and a few people sent me the website to the original nasty women exhibition in NYC around the same time as the women’s march. I think on the event page we’ve only had maybe one troll who wanted to say some horrible things, but that’s been the only negative response we’ve encountered. Then we have a good number of emerging professionals too. Pretending that feminism has always been this “sunshine and roses” movement does nothing for anyone.(I did mention this was code produced in my OOP days, right?At some point, I put some time into fixing that, but I cannot find that code (yet), so here's what I have.Three Dallas artists—Iris Bechtol, Emily Riggert, and Rachel Rushing—have organized an exhibition called “The Dallas Nasty Women Exhibition” at Sunset Art Studios to showcase more than 100 works of art that honor the struggle of our foremothers while also acknowledging their shortcomings.The show capitalizes on Donald Trump’s ‘nasty woman’ insult he hurled at Hillary Clinton during the presidential debate, a line that’s become a rallying call for women across the country.

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