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From a student’s point of view, a competency-based education model offers you the opportunity to put your past experience, skills, and knowledge to good use by allowing you to prove, through continual, real-time assessments, what you already know.

With a competency-based educator, there’s no reason to waste three months in an introductory college class when if you already know the subject.

They are home schooling and looking for different options when they move on to higher education.

They are going to school later in life, and bringing with them experiences that should be recognized as valid sources of knowledge.

With a network nationwide, we’re proud to serve approximately 1.5 million people with disabilities and their families.

From therapy and early intervention services, to camps and employment placement, we help children and adults with disabilities, caregivers, veterans and seniors be at their best as they live, learn, work and play.

Watch Easterseals in action, and contact your local Easterseals today to get more details about the services available in your community.

Learn More We’re here for military caregivers each and every day.

Or spend an evening for 2 in one of the most gorgeous romantic getaways surrounded by the White Mountains.

Many of Straighter Line’s partner schools are offering their own brand of competency-based learning.

Capella University is cited in the Inside Higher Ed article, but Western Governors University is a leader in this area and should have been.

Spend some time hiking, through the marked mountain trails.

Stop and feed the giant trout at Shannon Pond or take along a picnic basket to stop for a snack while enjoying the scenery.

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According to the Western Governors University website, “Competency-based education at WGU offers some powerful advantages.

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