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I got the impression this guy was a little bit odd not in a completely bad way but not socially at ease, it was clear he felt as if he had not only his heart broken but his wallet too by his previous English wife.The attraction of a younger (40) year old wife who for no matter what respects the lifestyle he affords her I can sort of see, in a broken way.I see a lot of guys, who are in what looks like to be great shape, but their forearms are, relatively speaking small.I was between some work shifts (working remotely) and with none of my friends was chatting to some other English guy, he was about 60 and married to a local Thai woman.In thailand it's more likely: His drinks bill: Ladydrinks: Anyway, some others have hypothesized that the apparent females would actually be men. Ladyboys would pack more makeup and would never assume such slouched posture, nor wear that kind of flipflops. I live in Thailand and this picture is always taken out of context.Thailand is a cash country, you can't just pay with card after running up a tab as most bars don't take card.That is unless you want to promote an argument that you've a right to stare at my pin number while I type it in. Last week there was a pic on the frontpage, taken in a men's bathroom in Thailand, of a ladyboy using a urinal.

This guy ran up a tab at said bar and tried to pay with card. I work in construction and see guys who are shaped like this daily.

Sadly many people's lives are shaped by a series of crushing and heart breaking mistakes.

When I travelled to Bangkok, I once naively felt sorry for old white guys who dated local girls.

I thought that maybe they couldn't find a wife in their own country, so they had to find love so far from home.

FYI An "h" in Thai just means that you pronounce the consonant in front of it as we would normally pronounce it in english. If you'd take the h away, it would be a short P sound (like making a popping sound with your lips) without any breathing/sigh sound after the initial P sound. If you'd write it Tailand, the pronounciation would be closer to Dailand.

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Getting the inside tour of a country always seems to result in the same thing.

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