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Narrated like a Hollywood blockbuster, it explained that all of Songdo’s trash is sucked into underground pipes, and is automatically sorted and recycled, buried, or burned for fuel.These pipes connect all apartment buildings and offices; consequently, there are no street-corner trash cans or garbage trucks.

(Try that in Seoul.) An impressive 40 percent of the city will be park space—one of the highest percentages in the world, in keeping with Songdo's design as a green city.

Facilitated by specially-trained, multi-disciplinary teams that includes a Program Supervisor, Recreation Programmers and Personal Support Workers, trained volunteers and gerontology/Recreation students, CHATS’ Adult Day Programs provide seniors with individualized plans of care, a variety of social and wellness activities, companionship, nutritious snacks and lunch, in a safe, friendly and caring environment while addressing social isolation for seniors, and provides respite for caregivers.

Activities include exercise, mental stimulation, crafts, outings, relaxation programs, entertainment, health promotion and disease prevention.

Among the first of its kind in the world, the system currently requires just seven employees for the entire city.

Next, at a nearby office building, we learned about Songdo’s so-called “telepresence” system, which is currently being tested by 100 of the city’s residents.

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In 2000, it was still a marshy stretch of tidal flats in the Yellow Sea, home to a scattering of fishermen.

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