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The fire that they stoked to white-hot temps there is still burning hot and pure here, with Hutch Harris delivering impassioned howls and blown-out guitar riffing, drummer Westin Glass hammering his drums like he's trying to kill them, and bassist Kathy Foster anchoring it all with thick slabs of bass foundation (and the occasional backing vocal).It's a sound that any fan of the band will know well and be glad to have back again.The Thermals are Hutch Harris (guitar/vocals), Kathy Foster (bass), Westin Glass (drums), and Jessica Boudreaux (guitar). Distorted guitars, distorted bass, distorted drums, and distorted vocals collide into perfect, distorted pop songs.Rather than live under the yoke of a country they can no longer stomach, they make a mad dash into Canada to escape a the rule of a fascist leader and the aggressively Christian government they’ve implemented.Sounds quite a bit like the panicked spirit of 2016, right?

Fugazi’s Brendan Casty produced the album and gave the album a much cleaner mix than previous efforts, making the lyrics (and the album’s narrative) much easier to discern.We Disappear shows the Thermals haven't lost anything in all that time, either.They are just as vital, exciting, and necessary as they were in the beginning and this record stands with their best work.The band plays in Astoria Saturday (2/13), and in Bend 2/19.(See all tour dates.) Look for our full studio session — more video, and a interview with State of Wonder‘s April Baer — in late March.

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The Thermals' 2013 album, Desperate Ground, was a return to their no-holds-barred punk rock roots, a desperate and broken blast of overdriven noise and shouted melancholy.

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