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shruthifem: ramesh kalu agalise kuttale aforapple: nimma yajamanaru barokinta munche nanna hendti market inda bandalu shruthifem: nandini ell kutko anta pakkadali kudisede shruthifem: *no not u r wife...

let her says that she angery bez she saw me with u...

* aforapple: nandini-matte nivu adidare amma eanu madtale shruthifem: ohh ramesh..

shruthifem: i wear this kind aforapple: ok nice shruthifem: enathu nandini, kopana aforapple: she is unable to get convinced aforapple: sloly u take her hands and started moving ur hand on her cheek aforapple: and gave her cadburry chocolate,she takes it shruthifem: yake.. aforapple: avalige helakke agtilla shruthifem: *u also express what she saying too* shruthifem: nina vaysu estu mari aforapple: nandini-hanneradu shruthifem: ninge enu gottyatu..

enaythu kopa madikoloke nandani shruthifem: thago cadbuyy aforapple: ivella common nandini anta helutta, nodu idaralli amma eanu madtiddalo anta u removed ur mobile ph shruthifem: yake enu matdau shruthifem: yake koppa,, enu nodiede nenu aforapple: u are feeding her chocolate with ur hands and showing her aforapple: avalu imagine madknotiddale appa aunti sex shruthifem: *no 1st let her speak for her angery* aforapple: yes aforapple: eanu heltale nandini? antha koppa madikondee aforapple: u are moving ur hands on her body convincingly shruthifem: nana mele nina appana mele shruthifem: now u come out from the room and sit in front of us... we both sitting on sofa aforapple: yess shruthifem: hellu nandini aforapple: idella common nandini, doddavaru ado ata ne idu aforapple: anta helide nanu shruthifem: gotyata appa helidu aforapple: nanu nim amma kuda uncle jate ide madtale nandini shruthifem: dovaru addo atta kannama aforapple: nandini is not beliving me shruthifem: nija nandini aforapple: nandini nijane, nim amma uncle jate ide ata adodu aforapple: shruti nin mobile nalli irodu torisu shruthifem: *1st let come the words from u r daughter shruthifem: that.. but she knows at least this kind should do by hubby wife only* aforapple: nandini-auda amma unclejate hege madtala shruthifem: *she is angery that... so we have to make her to speak her what exactly she have problem* aforapple: yes shruthifem: hellu nandini .. appa helida haage edu doodavaru addo atta kannma aforapple: nandini-auda anta nin kanni nalli nodtiddale aforapple: just girl friedn boy friend ata idu nandini shruthifem: huwdu nandini shruthifem: *let her come with why she is angery*..

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