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The boys and Lincoln's ghost must work together to foil the plot. Orpheus are led to their location by an oni only to be captured themselves, and all have to be rescued by Brock and H. Phantom Limb is maimed but escapes, while Bowie blesses The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend was recruited into the Guild by Phantom Limb during her college years, starting out as Lady Au Pair and eventually becoming Phantom Limb's "number 2" as Queen Etherea. Girlfriend and struck out on his own, earning the ire of Phantom Limb. With the clone slugs led by Hatred, and all easily killed by the Monarch in his new Death's Head Panoply suit, Brock stops the fight and learns that Treister was only responding to his distress call. Just as he is about to attack Rusty, Pete, and Billy, Hank stops him and says he cannot be the Wonder Boy he wants him to be, and returns home with his father, but not before asking for a word in with Batman, at which Captain Sunshine kicks him out. Rusty indoctrinates Dean into his career as a super scientist, using inspiration from various progressive rock albums.Hank and Dean are kidnapped by Myra Brandish, their father's insane former bodyguard who claims to be their mother. The Monarch was a henchman for Phantom Limb at the time, moonlighting as a villain to attack Dr. Venture Industries is on the verge of bankruptcy until Dr. Orpheus, Brock, and The Alchemist are suspicious of Killinger, who turns out to be setting Dr. A deformed and supposedly aborted Dean clone, D-19, lives in the compound's attic; Hank discovers a "Dean shrine" created by the clone.With the help of Jonas Jr., the former pirate captain, and Sally Impossible, the Ventures must overcome a drug-addicted Jonny Quest and the interference of Professor Impossible to assemble the device in time.Hank and Dean go on a double date with Triana and her friend Kim, at the same restaurant where Phantom Limb and Dr. P.e R back to the Venture compound before going to see Steve Summers and Sasquatch to recuperate after surgery before staging an attack on the Black Heart Assassins. defeated SPHINX in the 80s, while interrupting a meeting between Molotov and Gathers, disrupting a SPHINX operation. The fourth season consists of 15 thirty-minute episodes and one hour-long season finale episode, while the fifth season has an hour-long premiere and 7 thirty-minute episodes.

Brock is sent on a mission by the Office of Secret Intelligence (O. I.) to assassinate his mentor, Colonel Hunter Gathers, who has deserted the agency.

Venture and inject him with a serum that mutates him into a giant caterpillar. Venture, Brock, Pete White, and Baron Ünderbheit are kidnapped by robotics expert Mike Sorayama, who blames them for ruining his chances with a girl he had a crush on 20 years prior, when they were all college classmates.

She regrets doing this, however, and eventually administers the antidote. The Monarch takes the opportunity to instigate a riot so that he can sneak into the Venture Compound to use the restroom and vandalize Dr. Hank and Dean reunite members of the original Team Venture, a group of adventurers who worked for their grandfather in the 1960s, to mount a rescue. After a truce, he takes the name Jonas Venture Junior and Dr.

On a visit to Tijuana, the Venture family find themselves in peril: Hank and Dean are kidnapped by The Monarch, who attempts to deal with his own abandonment issues by bonding with them. Venture's one remaining kidney is stolen, and he, Brock, and their robot assistant H. Necromancer Doctor Byron Orpheus moves into the Venture Compound as a tenant, and Dean is instantly smitten with his goth daughter Triana. Venture's latest invention, a "Joy Can" which creates hallucinations of the user's deepest desires, and the two Doctors are unable to free them.

Dean's feelings for Triana eventually reveal the door and permit their escape. Venture explores the ocean floor in a robotic atmospheric diving suit, the X-2 is overtaken by pirates whose ship has been stuck in the sargassum for years. Venture is trapped underwater after his "metasonic locator" accidentally summons the screaming ghost of the experimental aircraft's pilot, Major Tom. Venture and fellow super-scientists Pete White and Billy Quizboy are recruited into a government think tank in the Arctic headed by Dr. Meanwhile, Hank has been exposed to a serum that will eventually cause him to explode. Venture so that the think tank can come up with an antidote.

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