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The thing I'm most proud of doing this year is replanting forty acres on my farm with rosewood, red cedars and a lot of the trees that were once native to the area — in Australia, the logging was pretty extreme.

As soon as the white man landed there, they were basically, "Righto, let's chop them down! I've never had any surgery before, and if you go to, you can see pictures of my innards. The great irony, I thought, was putting it on with the headline Because they thought they were getting the scoop on your love life?

But he's made a stand in areas where there's great disagreement — like guns and abortion.

And the way that he's supported his wife, and tried to morally support this country and point it in a more positive direction in the waning months of his term is a great thing.

I applaud him for guarding the largest free economy and democracy in the world right up until he has to hand over the keys.

What makes you say to yourself, "Good on you, mate"?

"] about a circus performer and learning this thing called the Spanish Web. I was sitting in a Melbourne hotel room, not allowed to move very much. Whoever came up with the concept that "because you're famous, you're public property" is a fucking idiot. I got made an honorary Texan — with a certificate and a flag — by the lieutenant governor of Texas, Rick Perry, which strikes me, who comes from New Zealand, as funny. The band and I were down in Austin doing some recording.

It consists of two pieces of material hanging from the ceiling, and you climb up them like a rope and knot them around your ankles and fall backward. We played a few shows and donated the money to the People's Community Clinic, so the mayor proclaimed August IIth as 30 Odd Foot of Grunts Day.

That's why I bought my own tickets and sat in the public stands. It's not really my place to make any political comments about this country.

But I think that Bill Clinton is the person of the year.

Considering the personal overhaul he's been given in the last few years, you could expect that he would go out quietly.

It was a huge controversy, but this one female 400-meter runner has done a massive amount in Australia for reconciliation, simply because of the grace with which she holds herself.

And after she crossed the finish line at the Olympics, before she took the victory lap, she just sat down and took her shoes off.

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with his on-and off-screen love interest, Meg Ryan, in England, Poland and Ecuador, the thirty-six-year-old New Zealand native, who now lives in Australia, recorded and performed in Austin with his rock group, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, and dodged the tabloids."I do resent being hunted and invaded," Crowe growls.

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