Intimidating lines

"If a guy uses intimidation as a reason to dump the woman, that's kind of crazy.

' I'm afraid you're too good for me so I'm dumping you?

On the other hand, how frustrating is it that men can be freaked out by impressive women?

In that time, there are certain moments that seem to stick: Clemenza’s (Richard S.

Without warning, it was up to Sonny to take the reins of the family and guide them through the uncertainty of a full-scale gang war.

While he lacked the cool, collected demeanor of his father, Sonny had a style of leadership that was all his own — for better or worse.

Having a partner who challenges you is one of the best ways to grow, plus it always keeps a relationship exciting.

There's nothing sexier than a guy who understands that he's dealing with a formidable, sexy, capable woman and rises to the occasion.

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