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In Sweden for example, the Hofner agent stamped the upper side of the headstock with the model code, for example 126, followed by three or four digits, for example 1063, where 10 indicates month and 63 stands for the year.

This means different instruments can have identical codes..!

I’d love to be able to say that Sir Paul has played this particular specimen but unfortunately that’s most unlikely as it’s a right hander.

The only way of finding this identification is by inserting a dental mirror and some illumination through the treble f-hole.

Another way of finding out the approximate year of manufacture, is by looking at the potentiometers.

Although by 1965 Mc Cartney had begun using a Rickenbacker bass in-studio, he did bring out his 1961 model for the “Revolution” promo film in 1968 and for the documentary the following year.

During the shooting, however, the 1961 bass was stolen, and Mc Cartney used his newer Höfner for the remainder of the film, including the famous rooftop performance.

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