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Nevertheless, some progress has been made, and seismological inference has provided us with evidence of more to come.

Some of that I summarize here, mentioning in passing hints that are pointing the way to the future.

We note that we did not use the l=3 mode because of its lower signal-to-noise ratio over most of the oscillation frequency range.

The available ASCII files contain 7 columns as following: - column 1: Number of the analyzed 125-day sub series (non-independent sub series were analyzed as an overlap of a factor 8 was used, i.e.The nature and source of these "5-minute oscillations" was a mystery for many years after their discovery in 1962.These oscillations are shown in the image on the left as areas of blue and red where the blue areas are moving toward us (blue-shifted) and the red areas are moving away from us (red-shifted).Oscillation modes from each frequency range are sensitive to different layers in the solar sub-surface interior.The frequency shifts of modes at individual angular degree l=0, l=1, and l=2 are provided, as well as the mean frequency shifts for .

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The zipped ascii files contain: [year, month, day, fshift_l0, e_fshift_l0, fshift_l1, e_fshift_l1, fshift_l2, e_fshift_l2 , radio_flux]. Also use the following in your acknowledgements in publication: "The GOLF instrument onboard So HO is a cooperative effort of scientists, engineers, and technicians, to whom we are indebted.

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