Google fonts not validating

Different browsers may treat invalid code differently and sometimes in unexpected ways.Some will probably tell you that valid code will help your pages rank better. Other than show stopping errors (which validation can help you find) search engines really don’t care much about your code.The home pages of Google (35), Yahoo (167), and Bing (14) all have validation errors.However all things being equal I would think valid code better for search engines than invalid code.One advantage of HTML Tidy is using an extension you can check your pages directly in the browser without having to visit one of the validators.

Often a few simple errors are leading to many more.For example forgetting to close a tag early in your document could end up resulting in dozens, even hundreds of errors.Fix those one or two errors and watch as many more errors are gone when you revalidate the page.Some of those warnings aren’t going to be things you’ll want to fix.Many tracking parameters you add to the end of a url will give a warning for example.

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