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There isn’t really much information about it at Amazon; there’s just this little snippet: The Experimental Web Browser is currently only available for some customers outside of the United States and may be limited to 50MB of browsing over 3G per month.

After hitting the limit you can still use the Kindle’s 3G connection to shop and download ebooks, as well as browse and Wikipedia, but all other 3G web browsing gets shut off once you reach 50MB.

Many don’t know what Facebook’s Free Basics is all about.

Some even think that Mark Zuckerberg announced that the basic internet will be completely free to most people around the world.

Lastly, he also made you swift through some pages and download a few apps which could be a bonus for him if they too contain a malware.

A similar fake message about enabling Whats App Calling was doing its rounds recently.

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