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Sure, they may people at those companies; they may have friends who work there, or old colleagues…

they may even have an “open invitation” to send over material.

Other times, the scripts were written by an up-and-coming writer for consideration on another project (I once read an unproduced script by Josh Friedman, who went on to write saying coverage services can’t provide insightful coverage on your script.

What I’m saying is that they’re rarely tuned in to the market enough to offer relevant “sale-ability” feedback.

Not because they’re no good; their “readers” and “consultants” may be literary geniuses—it doesn’t matter.

Despite what coverage services tell you, most of them do not have the ear of studios, production companies, agents, or managers.

Or someone who spent six months as an assistant for a boutique talent agency? But when you partner, as a writer, with a specific company or producer, at least you’re making that decision with your eyes open. Or a low-level exec who has worked at a ton of great companies…

You may not know they’re going to give horrible notes or guidance, but you knew who you were getting in bed with; you had an opportunity to ask around, gauge their reputation, or—at the very least—look at other movies or shows they’ve worked on. and was fired from each because he has poor development instincts.

so while you may not know precisely who’s reading you, you can have a sense of what they might respond to.) But more importantly…

The opinions of a random, generic reader do not reflect what’s sell-able.

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