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A marriage of 20 years, the accomplishment of that must feel really great, but there are also huge sacrifices.

I just always want to fight for happiness." The 27-year-old and her ex-husband Mike Comrie split last January after three years of marriage. "Mike and I were very in love when we met," she told the magazine. I'd been working since the age of 11 or 12, so making that choice at a young age seemed right for me.

Most of her entries have been about Luca, 5, her son, whose custody she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

I'm lucky for the person he is and I am and how we decided to handle this." They have been co-parenting their son, Luca, who turns three years old this month.

also i have seen it advertised in magazines and stuff like that so i should think it will be here soon!!!!   Yes, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan did have fight over a past boyfriend of Hilarys.   Yes, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan did have fight over a past boyfriend of Hilarys. I dont think so - unless he two-times, which could happen but i dont think so. She no longer has a Disney TV time slot, she no longer is coming out with albums, and no new movies are anywhere to be seen.

No, he is getting engaged to Vannessa Anne Hudgens. She hasn't completely fallen out of the spotlight though.

"As I get older, I feel more comfortable 'leaning out,'" she says.

"I don't need to cram every day full, because I can and because I'm capable.

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