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In 2008, Devil May Cry 4 was quite the looker, and in 2015 it is no surprise that the "Special Edition" holds up quite well, for the most part.There are some examples of low-detailed texture work here and there, and even some flat, baked lighting that is painted on the geometry. Anyway, during my break for real life, I managed to watch all the seasons of Doctor Who and Torchwood and ended up getting into the series. I'm located over here for if new stories are taken down: And I might get back into writing DMC fanfictions again. I didn't want to steal the title so this is what I came up with. Dante XNero Crisis Core Zack and Cloud discover an intimacy between them that they didn't know existed in the Nibelheim Mansion when Zack changes for an unconscious Cloud. Light shone through the thin layer of white condensation, brightening the darkness shrouding his panicked yet calm mind. Suddenly, an unexpected visitor appears in the middle of the night, attempting to throw the word into an endless storm of Chaos with Dante at its eye.

If you guys could message me here or over there to let me know if you're up for reading from this old author again, that would be fantastic. No words are needed as they let their hearts and actions speak for their emotions. Dante finds himself in a long corridor that seems to be home to some Soul Eaters. Dantex Nero Yaoi Snow had expected to be hit next, to feel a glass shard at his neck, or maybe something even worse. But he ignored the irrepressible feeling that he should turn back, determination to complete the abnormal mission Dante was going to go on alone overriding his fear. Dantex Nero Yaoi Snow did not care if someone heard or if Lightning was going to castrate him and have his head on a platter.

Just how could Capcom make such a great action title better?

Make a "Special Edition" for PS4 and Xbox One with bonus content, of course.

I used to no longer post here due to large Censorship/Bullying Campaigns being launched on this site. I might extend this if anyone thinks it's any good :- Established Relationship. He stays at DMC with Dante and his emotions begin to take over. Wandering the ship at night, he realizes he must find a different alternative when he keeps bumping into the object of them. SLASHWhile on a mission, Zack learns about the experiments Shinra have been secretly conducting on their SOLDIERs… Will Cloud still love what he has become or will Zack lose him forever? One-shot Vincex Cloud yaoi with bondage goodness After all the trouble is over at Fortuna, Dante and Nero go their separate ways but they can't stop thinking about what happened that caused them to meet. That's what he had known him as when he had first met him. He really did not know what he was getting into at the time. What happens when Dante tries to spur some Halloween spirit into the younger man through a bubbling drink called a rotten jack-o-lantern?

Love you all As of late, I've reawakened my dream of making a living out of my writing. Creature/rape...thing Anal, Beast, Bond, BP, Fet, H/C, Humil, Language, N/C, Oneshot, Oral, Other, PWP, S&M, Solo M, Tent, USTDante comes home from hunting and needs to unwind. What he did not anticipate where a pair of petal soft lips pressing insistently against his own. He did not care if he became a Cei'th or even if Ragnarok destroyed Cocoon. Snowx Hope Yaoi Dante is frustrated from not being able to visit Love Planet with Nero around.

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My goal is to become a full fledged author and my first few steps are to bring you guys more fanfiction from me and then slowly post up my own original stories on a blog site. he convinced Vergil to come to a bar hes found on his travels. Snowx Hope Yaoi Exiled from the only place he knew as home, Nero wanders aimlessly with the death threats from Fortuna's citizens constantly replaying in his head. In a fit of sexual frustration, Dante finds out that the young hunter has been hiding many things from him and his devil trigger was the only one picking up on it.

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