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Further down the road, I plan to cover different ways of touching in addition to more advanced concepts, such as the “ladder,” mutual escalation, and the use of fractionation in touching.

Let us begin this post by explaining why physical escalation is key – and I am sure the explanation will cover more than what you originally anticipated.

Without intimacy, there is never the security in the relationship of knowing that the other person is there for you, or of knowing that they truly love you.

This is why a relationship without intimacy on both levels is pretty much doomed to failure.

Your task is to follow this dating advice and to become a guy who uses a lot of physical contact in his communications.

Get used to give high-fives, handshakes, start kissing girls on the cheeks, etc.

His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation.It's very common for one type of intimacy to be more important to one partner than the other, then they both find themselves going along thinking everything is fine until their partner finally speaks up and lets them know that the intimacy levels are not what they should be.Or, even more tragic, is when neither partner says anything and they find themselves ending the relationship without really knowing why.Perhaps that's not quite accurate, intimacy is what helps love to survive through the toughest of times, and makes us continue to want to love and be loved by our partners.Intimacy helps both partners to know that they are loved, that love is "worth it." The need to be as close as possible emotionally, to the one person we've promised to spend the rest of our lives with is important to fulfill.

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