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Outcome measures for the study were obtained from two sources: survey data and administrative earnings records.

The surveys were conducted at baseline (shortly after random assignment) and at 12-, 30-, and 48-month follow-up periods.

This resulted in 6,828 youths in the Job Corps program group (an 81 percent response rate) and 4,485 youths in the control group (a 78 percent response rate).

This tax data was used as another source of information to corroborate employment and earnings data collected in the participant surveys.

This data came in two forms: 1) annual summary earnings reported by employers to the Internal Revenue Service and 2) wage records reported to state unemployment insurance agencies.

These two sources of tax data cover most workers in formal jobs.

The administrative earnings records (tax data) were collected for 9 years after random assignment.

By year 9, participants in the original sample were between the ages of 25 and 33.

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These agencies recruit participants for Job Corps by providing information about the program to community groups and civic organizations that work with youth (schools, courts, welfare agencies).

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