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A citizens' organization in Kitchener, Defend Traditional Marriage and Family, objected because the book could lead people "to reject scriptural teaching on homosexual acts.")(In September 2010 the US Department of Defense overrode the Army's January approval for publication.

The Do D then purchased and destroyed all 9,500 first edition copies citing concerns that it contained classified information. Martin's Press, in conjunction with the Do D created a censored second edition, which contains blackened out words, lines, paragraphs, and even portions of the index.)("Trash." "Obscene, indecent, and impure, and taken as a whole, predominantly prurient, hardcore pornography and utterly without redeeming social importance." "Trash written by a mentally sick individual." Banned by Boston courts in 1962 for obscenity, but the decision was reversed in 1966 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.)(Challenged at the Nampa, Idaho Public Library [2005] along with seven other books because "they are very pornographic in nature and they have very explicit and detailed illustrations and photographs which we feel don't belong in a library." The library board approved policy changes that restrict children's access to any holdings that may fall under the state's harmful to minors statute and barred the library from buying movies rated NC-17 or X.

British Columbia Archives Genealogy Search indexes for births 1854-1903, marriages 1872-1938, deaths 1872-1993, colonial marriages 1859-1872, and baptisms 1836-1888; includes digitized images of the records Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics (free) indexes Births: 1864-1877 & 1908-1911 (plus delayed registrations); Marriages: 1763-1936; Deaths: 1864-1877, 1908-1961 & City of Halifax Deaths 1890-1908 Ontario, Canada Death Index and Records, 1869-19-1945; and Deaths Overseas (of military personnel), 1939-1947 (requires payment) over 2 million entries; coverage varies; at Ancestry - a subscription also includes these 4 databases...

Ottawa, Canada Beechwood Cemetery Registers 1873-1990 (requires payment) In 2001 the Beechwood Cemetery became the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian forces, and is now known as the National Cemetery of Canada.

Plato suggested that state censors should expurgate the outlandish adventures of Odysseus, and all other poetry.) (Challenged as required reading at the high school in Grandville, Michigan in 2002 because the book is "full of racism, profanity, and foul language." Banned from the George County, Mississippi schools in 2002 because of profanity; racial slurs, profanity, violence, and does not represent traditional values; profane, violent, not traditional.In 2002, three freshmen sued the university over its choice of .The federal lawsuit was filed on the students' behalf by the Family Policy Network, a Christian group based in Virginia.Younger students could also access the book with prior parental permission.A parent asked the school district to reconsider the book due to mature language.)("Political." Initially banned in New Zealand by the Office of Film and Literature Classification since it was deemed to be objectionable.

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