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Like other films referenced by the show, it is never shown, but characters are portrayed watching it..

The dialogue indicates it is an erotic romance "about life, love, and becoming a woman", evidenced by the movie's tagline, "A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk." George calls Rochelle, Rochelle "A foreign movie...a film, is what it is" in "The Smelly Car".

The term "prognosis negative" figures prominently in the 1939 film Dark Victory, starring Bette Davis.

Sack Lunch is a film discussed in the episode "The English Patient".

The film is apparently supposed to be a reference to light, escapist comedies that have large commercial appeal despite critical responses that are muted at best (as opposed to movies like The English Patient, which earn much critical acclaim and Oscar nominations, but find little popularity among the general populace).

Dabney Coleman is mentioned as the star of Sack Lunch.

(This is actually referenced in the Seinfeld episode "The Pilot, Part 2", when George breaks down after hearing that the test results for the possibly cancerous white spot on his lip came out negative, only to be corrected by the doctor on the other end.) Robert Weide, who directed the faux documentary which would become the beginning of Curb Your Enthusiasm, met Larry David through his screenplay for Prognosis Negative.The sixth-season episode "The Understudy" features a Broadway musical adaptation of Rochelle, Rochelle starring Bette Midler, who appears in the episode as herself.She also sings a song with the lyrics "Rochelle Rochelle".During this scene several bits of dialogue are heard from the movie (with Larry David voicing the role of a man convincing Rochelle to undress).It is learned that Rochelle resides in Milan and is visiting relatives in Minsk.

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This is affirmed in "The Movie" when Elaine remarked, "Men will sit through the most boring pointless movie if there's the slightest chance a woman will take her top off." The film is first referenced in "The Movie," when George goes to see Rochelle, Rochelle instead of watching Checkmate (see below). After watching the film for only a few minutes, the trio discover each other after hearing one another's audible disgust.

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