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hope all goes well xx In my honest opinion I wouldn't be happy for my 15 year old daughter to be going out with a 19 year old! Plus I think a 19yr old would have different interests to a 15yr old.

While a 3.5 years age gap isn't much at all as you reach adulthood, I find it too big a gap at this age. The 19yr old can go clubbing and I would be horrified to find out my 15yr old was doing any of those things.

And of course, given the age difference, this may well spark the said protectorate instints into life. Off the top of my head, the total age difference is of around 3.35 years?

So of course, I would like to get a general concensus on your reactions to this?

I appreciate that a lot of girls have under-age sex these days anyway, and there's nothing to say she wouldn't also do it with a boyfriend her own age, but I'd be worried she'd feel more pressured, simply because you are so much older.

) they worried about all the usual suspects sex and alcohol and hoped it would fizzle out.anyway, big congrats on being mature and thoughtful enough that you have asked for input, that to me speaks volumes about the sort of person you are.Well firstly, I thank you all for responding to this thread in such a civil manner - more than I can say for the people over on another forum on which I asked this friend starting seeing her brothers mate, she was 15 and he was 20, her parents were fine about it as they know him through her older brother, the brother wasnt happy mind, they lasted for about 7 years in the end.i suppose I am a hypocrite, because I normally dont think age should be a barrier when you like someone unless its illegal obviously, but as she is 15 she is underage to do everything that has already been suggested on here so her parents will probably worry about that and to be fair from my past experience quite rightly (but I am not saying your situation will be like mine).

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