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The source of the Sanpro news article was allegedly one of Kiko’s model friends.In journalistic parlance this means that it was sanctioned by the antagonist.I don’t hate daragon, is just that sometimes the fans stressed me so much,everything has to be daragon -.-!If GD is using a red shirt,and Dara is using the same shirt the next week is daragon, I mean c'mon we know that all the YG family share the clothes,one time I saw minzy using the same shirt that GD used at one event and they’re dating? And I find rude that when GD post pictures about him and CL in Instagram fans are like: “stay with Dara? Note: First of all, Im not forcing you to love her, and all brief summary of how kind her heart is and how her past life was so tough.Don’t let your ship sink just because you’re scared of the truth instead face it. While it is great to see them having their moments on screen, isn't it much better to let them have their moments privately?As an Appler, I believe we really need to have great faith and we can't let our faith be shaken by what we cannot see, right?This is not the time for your faith to our OTP to waver. If you let this rumor affect you, then how will you face the other obstacles ahead?They will face more trials and we should be there to give them love and support. Don't let your faith falter just because you can't see them together.

Because if you had seen him when she left, you’ll never wish him to go through that again.Dara and G-Dragon also performed “Hello” after 8 years and Dara joined G-Dragon for the encore. Dara explained how past dating rumors with G-Dragon came about on the January 25th episode of JTBC's 'Talking Street'.I remember when he was so down that he had to fly to Europe.I remember the songs, the sad songs he wrote wishing that she’d come back.

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